The ultimate mobility partner for your company's green transition.




Moovance for business



For employees

A mobile app that measures the carbon footprint of your employees’ trips.

For the company

Measure and collate the carbon footprint of employee commutes.


For employees

See the direct impact of their actions against climate change.

For the company

Boost your eco-friendly employer image.


For employees

Be rewarded for commendable choices with Moove points and participate effortlessly in the green transition.

For the company

Get your teams on-board with a common goal.

Simple and direct access to collected anonymous data

A platform for viewing data

  • View KPIs and graphs in real time.
  • Comparison with other companies of the same size or sector.
  • Simulators to assess impact according to different parameters.

A GDPR-friendly platform

All the information transmitted is anonymous in compliance with GDPR requirements. Employees can be assured their information remains confidential.


Empower employee engagement

Convincing your teams to do their bit is the key to success. We help you to encourage your employees to adopt the app and use it every day.

Getting teams on board with Moovance

• Demo of the Moovance app for employees • Internal communication kit with videos, tutorials, and presentations.

Presentations for teams

Creation of your company’s private community in the Moovance app
Setting up and coordinating challenges and competitions


Experts to help you adopt sustainable and innovative mobility

Our experts can guide you and your employees towards sustainable and innovative mobility to keep pace with the energy challenges we all face.

Raise awareness about the environmental impact of mobility

  • Presentations about mobility at company conferences
  • Workshops at all levels: from teams to executive committees

Implement an effective action plan

  • Expert consultant assistance to develop an action plan
  • Data experts to address your specific issues
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